Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Selfishness? Disrespect?

If you have a friend who doesn't have a driver license and their own vehicle that depends on you for a rides and they check with you prior to making an appointment to ensure that the time and date of the appointment doesn't conflict with your own schedule and you tell them that you're open to any day of the week but you prefer the appointment was scheduled for the afternoon simply because you're not a morning person and then after the appointment is over they ask you if there are any conflicting days in your schedule prior to setting a date for a follow-up appointment and you tell them once again that any day is fine and later when you ask them when they scheduled the appointment for you find out they scheduled a morning appointment knowing full-well that you prefer afternoons...

Is it an unreasonable expectation to expect that your friend would respect your wishes to schedule their appointments in the afternoons since you're driving them there? Or is it selfish of you expect a friend to schedule an appointment for the afternoon simply because you aren't a morning person? 

A bit more information...

The morning appointment wasn't set out of forgetfulness or necessity, it was set for no other reason than the friend preferred morning appointments contrary to the preference of the friend driving them there. When inquired about why the appointment was set in the morning the response given was: -To get it over with and when told any date was open they assumed that meant any date or time despite having discussed a preference for afternoons previously when setting an earlier appointment.- When the friend was asked why the previous appointment was scheduled for the afternoon they responded because it was discussed prior to making it that the driver preferred afternoons. So the glaringly obvious question is: If the friend was aware of this fact then why the fuck did they do the complete opposite of what they knew their friend would prefer? 

While a morning appointment is a small thing. Having a friend intentionally do something they know you wouldn't like just feels disrespectful and selfish. 

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